How to select a deep cleaning company?

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How to select a deep cleaning company?

We often are confused about how to select a deep cleaning company to clean our home or our commercial spaces, as there are many options in the market.

But before that, we need to know why we require cleaning companies.

The answer is not so complex. Our lives at home and office are busy. We don’t have time to clean our homes properly if we are going out to earn. And even if we are at home, we have other tasks waiting to consume our time, for example, kids, guests, food, and all. Not only home, but we also don’t have time to clean our offices properly, even if we have maids at home and offices. Maids are often busy with other works related which we think are more important. We can only try to clean our surroundings but can’t deep clean them.


You will get an idea about deep cleaning services later in the article.

So, continuing with the topic: How to select professional deep cleaning company?

Before finalizing a deep cleaning company, one should ask about the actual services the customer will get. Which includes:

  • What chemicals the company will use in deep cleaning of floors
  • Will the deep cleaning include all the doors and handles?
  • Will the deep cleaning include all the windows of the house?
  • Will the deep cleaning include sofa shampoo and vacuum cleaning?
  • Will the deep cleaning include furniture cleaning?
  • Will the deep cleaning include all the electrical fittings of the entire house?
  • Will the deep cleaning include wardrobes?
  • Will the deep cleaning include kitchen cabinets, ventilators, exhausts etc.?
  • Will the deep cleaning include walls and ceiling?
  • Will the deep cleaning include balconies?
  • Will the deep cleaning include everything in the washroom, including windows and tiles?
  • What chemical will they use in floor wash?
  • Will the deep cleaning include beds, mattresses, and carpets?
  • Will the deep cleaning include all the lights to be adequately cleaned?
  • Will the deep cleaning include a chandelier?
  • Will the deep cleaning include cleaning of all the fans?

Now, let us explain all the points a bit,

Chemicals used in deep cleaning floors: Generally, the chemicals used in cleaning the floors are local grade chemicals. There are very few professional cleaning agencies that use proper company chemicals. Now, what do you mean by proper chemicals for cleaning? For every type of dirt, surface and level, professional companies create a specific cleaning chemical. For example, Taski R series chemicals are specially meant to provide different surfaces/areas.

  • Taski R1: Bathroom cleaner cum sanitizer
  • Taski R2; Hygienic, hard surface cleaner
  • Taski R3: Glass and mirror cleaner
  • Taski R4: Furniture Polish
  • Taski R5: Air Freshener
  • Taski R6: Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Taski R7: Floor cleaner (for removal of oil and grease)
  • Taski R9: Bathroom and fitting cleaner


All the above chemicals are made to serve their specific purpose:

  • To eliminate the cause of accidents like a slip, trips, and falls,
  • Improve the fire prevention program,
  • Cost-effective as increasing the productivity
  • Permit adequate natural illumination and ventilation


Likewise, Diversey Jontec Terranova is used to provide a high gloss on marble and other calcareous stones without building a film on top.

Suma bac from Diversey is used for cleaning and sanitizing equipment, work surfaces, floors, and walls in hygiene sensitive areas, particularly kitchens.

Suma Multi D2 is a mildly alkaline liquid detergent suitable for manual cleaning of all surfaces in the kitchen. It is an optimal blend of anionic, non-ionic surfactants and alkali, which makes it practical to remove grease and dried-on food. The sequestrant in the formulation makes it suitable for all water conditions and does support cleaning performance.

ays Deep Cleaning

Now you can have an idea of how vital these chemicals are and where chemicals like these can take place in a proper deep cleaning service.


Windows, grills, and balconies deep cleaning: 

This part is also essential. Many cleaning companies (even big cleaning companies) do not include grills as a part of deep cleaning. Gleaning grills could be tricky, as a grill holds many edges and stiff dust. Before choosing a cleaning agency, everyone should ask to include grills in the companies’ package.

Every balcony corner is cleaned, including every corner, sidewalls, ceiling and fans. A deep home deep cleaning includes every part of the home. Do not hesitate to include it in your deep cleaning package.

Windows also needs to be cleaned from inside and outside with proper chemicals, as explained above.

sofa cleaning AYS max

Cleaning of sofa: 

Sofa shampoo and vacuum cleaning are also included in the deep cleaning package. The companies who offer dry dusting are only making a fool out of the customer. They only vacuum the sofa, which does not make much difference. Shampooing a sofa every 4-6months increases the life of the sofa.

AYS MAX cleaning

Electrical fittings, lights, furniture, and wardrobes:

As explained above, every electrical fitting like switches, plugs, regulators of fans, bulb holders, lights (like tube lights and bulbs, contains dust, are not given much importance in a house to be adequately cleaned.) should be cleaned with the proper chemical.

Furniture to be dusted and chemically cleaned with proper chemicals. It also increases the life of the furniture as it protects from many other factors like environment, pests, rough usage etc.

Every professional cleaning agency should clean wardrobes from inside and outside. Deep cleaning is required from the outside and the inside. We hire professional agencies because the agencies know how to clean the problematic part, not only the easy part.

Beds, carpets, mattresses of the entire house?

Deep cleaning services include cleaning of beds, carpets, mattresses also. Before hiring a cleaning agency, everything should be clear. Cleaning of beds includes cleaning from inside and outside.

The beds must be kept empty from inside, if it contains cabinets, because they may contain your personal belongings or something expensive.

Also, the hands of the professionals might not be safe to touch the belongings inside the bed.

Above are a few questions which everyone, who is hiring a professional cleaning service, should ask.

Now let us move to another step. Yes, hiring a cleaning agency is also a task.

The next step should include the equipment which the professional company will use. Most people hiring a cleaning agency don’t know about the equipment used in cleaning. The ubiquitous tools are vacuums, mops, and brushes. But a professional cleaning agency should have professional tools more than only vacuum.

For example, sofa deep cleaning- Agency should have a hand scrubbing machine. A hand scrubbing machine is a professional tool that uses special pads for sofa shampoo cleaning. It works like a brush but delivers high-end results in lesser time.

We will assume that the agency professional has the unique training programme to use the tool effectively for all the tools we describe. Using the wrong pads on the wrong surface of the sofa could damage the fabric.

The chemicals used in the sofa cleaning should be A grade chemicals from a certified company. The professional should also know which chemical to be used on different fabrics. Effective use of the chemical with the right tools will increase the sofa’s life for many years.

Floor, Carpet, and tiles cleaning: 

A deep cleaning agency’s ubiquitous tool is a single disc floor scrubbing machine. A single-disc machine is used with different pads on different floors like marbles, tiles, stone, etc. This machine comes with different chemicals (as mentioned above). The technique of getting the best out of these tools and chemicals depends on the experience because it depends well on the timing of the tools. For example, there are different marbles present these days in the market. While using disc machines, these marbles absorb dirt if the dirty water is not vacuumed on time. So, experience with tools is essential for floor cleaning.

Now comes the pads – Different pads are used for different surfaces or may damage the material. The most common pads are Hard, Soft and Medium pads which are usually differentiated by different colours.

Cleaning the floor every 4-5 months of a time gap will increase life expectancy.

home cleaning service

Carpets: The single-disc machine can be used with different pads for carpet cleaning. Because of its weight and exclusive pads provide excellent results in a concise period because of its weight. Again, the use of chemical plays its role in extending Carpet’s life.

In every 6-8months of a time gap, cleaning of carpets is essential.

Some more factors which everyone should consider before hiring a deep cleaning agency.

Now we know what to be seen before hiring an agency for deep cleaning.

We would also like to tell about some more factors which everyone should consider.

  1. Check the reviews and site for the service.

See what people are talking about the company. The experience may not be the same with everyone, but if you hire an agency for deep cleaning, you may get an idea of what kind of troubles you may face.

  1. Compare the sites with other agencies.

Comparing with different agencies will give you an idea about the kind of services and the package they offer. It may include the pricing also. Many affordable agencies are available to provide great value and quality services.

  1. Clear every doubt.

Before hiring an agency, everyone should clear their doubts. Professional deep cleaning agencies should be willing to talk on the subject. Clearing the doubts builds a belief and provides a sense of authority to get the work done.

  1. Supervisor efforts.

The supervisor should always be only one call away from the live site. For every satisfactory or unsatisfactory result, one supervisor should always be available to handle the situation. It also provides security and satisfaction.

  1. IDs of the professionals with a proper dress code.

A professional agency provides company ids to its employees. Also, on-demand, companies provide the team’s name with identity cards, who are going to attend the site. Cleaning agencies also provide their dress code to follow to their employees.

  1. GST bills. A registered company in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has to provide GST bills for its services.


Above are the points which need to be considered before providing the work to professional deep cleaning agencies.

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