Ahad KhanAhad Khan
13:37 02 Mar 24
Ankit & Shiva came for the cleaning job of 1BHK, There were excellent in their work… it took a bit of time but the results were too good to be honest. MUCH APPRECIATED (that too on reasonable price), even the co-ordinator Salman was good in talking and co-ordination
Almas ShaikhAlmas Shaikh
13:37 02 Mar 24
Excellent service, very reasonable and reliable , best to avail in mira road , workers Ankit and shiva bhai are best i think if you are thinking to avail their service I would honestly recommend AYS
Jenny FernandesJenny Fernandes
13:53 19 Nov 23
Ankit was sent for cleaning 2 windows. I wasn't at home but Ankit was patient enough to wait & was very calm when I arrived. His work was swift & to the mark. Kudos to this boy.... thanks Ays Max!
Saket AgrawalSaket Agrawal
14:01 25 Oct 23
These guys are truly deserving every penny you pay. Firstly, the rates are very reasonable and secondly the quality of service right from the first interaction to the behaviour and receptiveness of the on-ground folks is truly commendable. Keep up the good work and you’re sure to have solid customer retention. Had a super experience!
Aryan KhandelwalAryan Khandelwal
14:41 20 Oct 23
Hired AYS Max cleaning for our Diwali preparations, the team of Vinod, Chetan and Arvind did a fabulous job. They ensured that there's no stain left at our place.Great Team. Good Efforts. Highly recommended
Hari B. NaroliyaHari B. Naroliya
16:31 12 Oct 23
I recently hired AYS Max Cleaning for a thorough home cleaning, and I'm very happy with the results. From start to finish, the experience was outstanding.The team arrived punctually, and the professionalism of Vinod and Shyam was evident from the get-go. They took the time to discuss my specific cleaning needs and any areas I wanted special attention. It's evident that they truly care about their customers' satisfaction. The staff was very efficient, friendly and respectful.I highly recommend AYS Max to anyone in need of a top-notch cleaning service. They exceeded my expectations, and I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you for making my home feel brand new again!
Harshad PrabhuHarshad Prabhu
12:02 18 Sep 23
Initially there was some co-ordination issue but Salman the manager assured me he will get it resolved. Later, Ankit Rai the lead cleaner revisted and did the complete job. All Shiney with bathroom fittings like new. Keep up the good work. I would recommend AYS Max for Household cleaning at home or office. Professional and well knowledged staff. Worth the money. thank-you
Nicolette PintoNicolette Pinto
17:45 06 Aug 23
Came across AYS max by chance and I must say, I am extremely happy with the services provided. Very professional and well spoken. They did a thorough deep cleaning of the kitchen, balconies and the bathrooms. They managed to clean even the most tough spots and adhered to any instructions given. Little to no supervision was needed as the two men who came to do the cleaning job were very efficient. Thank you Saurabh, Chetan and team for the services and it was a pleasant surprise doing busines with you guys. Will surely recommend you to my friends.
14:50 23 Jul 23
I ended up more than satisfied with the services provided. Thank you Ankit for the amazing job done and his friendly nature as well. He reached on time and worked very hard while making sure we were also happy with the result. I will definitely contact this place again in the future as I received a very fast reply to my question and needs. I don't give more stars because I can't! 😄
Swapn GuptaSwapn Gupta
08:22 07 Jun 23
I hardly use cleaning services for my home, but when I do, it is for very intricate and skillful jobs. I'm glad that AYS delivers professional, quick, and very reasonably priced services. Their technician Sonu is not only great at this work, but is also a very well-mannered, respectful, and calm individual. I highly recommend their services to all. Thank you so much AYS!
Komal RJ PanchalKomal RJ Panchal
03:17 03 May 23
We opted for AYS deep cleaning services after relocating and it was a great experience. All the three boys who came home to work were very sweet, kind and polite and worked every detail properly. Thank you for the prompt and smooth service 🙂

Floor Cleaning service with a Single Disc Machine Mumbai

Home Deep Cleaning Prices
Flat SizeArea / Sqft.Occupied Cleaning
Floor Cleaning with a Single Disc Machine500sqft.INR.3/sqft to INR.15/sqft. *actual costing can be calculated after visiting the site.
Floor Cleaning with a Hand Disc Machine500sqft.Comes in basic cleaning.

Floor deep cleaning with a single disc machine is a cleaning technique that uses a specialized machine to perform a thorough and intensive cleaning of a floor surface. The single disc machine, also known as a floor buffer or floor scrubber, is equipped with a rotating disc or brush that effectively removes dirt, grime, and stains from the floor surface.

Floor deep cleaning with a hand disc machine is a technique that involves using a smaller, handheld version of the single disc machine to perform a thorough and intensive cleaning of a floor surface. The hand disc machine, also known as a hand-held floor scrubber, is equipped with a rotating disc or brush that effectively removes dirt, grime, and stains from the floor surface.

Floor Deep Cleaning with a single disc machine:

Floor deep cleaning with a single disc machine is a cleaning technique that uses a specialized machine to perform a thorough and intensive cleaning of a floor surface. The single disc machine, also known as a floor buffer or floor scrubber, is equipped with a rotating disc or brush that effectively removes dirt, grime, and stains from the floor surface.

The deep cleaning process with a single disc machine typically involves several steps:

  1. Preparing the floor surface: This may involve sweeping or vacuuming the floor surface to remove loose debris and dirt.
  2. Applying cleaning solution: A cleaning solution that is appropriate for the type of flooring material is applied to the floor surface.
  3. Scrubbing the floor: The single disc machine is used to scrub the floor surface using the rotating disc or brush. This action agitates and loosens dirt and grime from the floor.
  4. Rinsing the floor: After the floor has been scrubbed, the cleaning solution is rinsed off the surface with clean water.
  5. Drying the floor: The floor surface is dried using a mop or other drying equipment to ensure that the surface is completely dry and free of any remaining moisture.

This deep cleaning technique is suitable for a wide range of flooring types, including tile, concrete, and hardwood. It can effectively remove deep-seated dirt and stains, leaving the floor surface looking clean and renewed.

It’s important to note that while a single disc machine can be used for deep cleaning, it’s essential to have the proper training and experience to operate the machine effectively and safely. It’s recommended to hire a professional cleaning service that is experienced in using this type of equipment.

Floor Deep Cleaning Prices :: Mumbai

Prices of floor deep cleaning depends on the area and the condition of the floor. Proper estimate can only be made after a visit to the site.

AYS Max can help you. AYS Save your Time. Its new year celebration Offer. Home Deep Cleaning Service Mumbai.

Why we need Floor Cleaning Services?

Floor cleaning services from a professional company with a single disc machine offer several benefits over traditional cleaning methods, including:

Thorough cleaning:
A single disc machine can effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains from floor surfaces that may be difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods. Professional cleaning companies have the equipment and expertise to perform a thorough and comprehensive cleaning that can leave your floors looking like new.

Floor cleaning with a single disc machine can save time and effort compared to traditional cleaning methods. Professional cleaning companies have the experience and equipment to perform the cleaning efficiently, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Health and safety:
Deep cleaning with a single disc machine can help eliminate bacteria and allergens that can accumulate on floor surfaces. This can promote a healthier and safer environment, particularly in commercial settings where foot traffic is high.

Professional cleaning companies can provide cost-effective solutions for floor cleaning that can save you money in the long run. By maintaining the condition of your floors, you can avoid costly repairs and replacement in the future.

Improved appearance:
Deep cleaning with a single disc machine can improve the appearance of your floors by removing dirt, stains, and grime that can make them look dull and worn. This can create a more attractive and welcoming environment, particularly in commercial settings where aesthetics are important.

Overall, floor cleaning services from a professional company with a single disc machine can provide a range of benefits that can improve the condition and appearance of your floors while saving you time and money.

What we cover in Floor Cleaning?

Floors at every residential place should be clean and shiny. No one likes to walk on a dirty floor. Every floor needs deep cleaning in every 4 to 5 months as normal cleaning can not clean the floor fully. Normal cleaning is used to maintain the cleaning, but with the help of Industry Grade Chemicals and professional tools, a floor is cleaned to every corner.

AYS MAX – as specialists in cleaning services, provides floor cleaning service with single disc or hand disc machine according to the requirement.

How floor cleaning is done?

Floor Deep Cleaning is a step by step process:

  1. Dry vacuum with mopping is used to remove the dust from the floor in the first step. 2
  2. In the second step, Industry Standards ‘A’ Grade chemicals are used with single disc machine or hand disc machine (according to the requirement) for deep cleaning of the floor. The well trained professionals will manage the furniture and will take care to cover the complete floor, even from below the furniture.
  3. Wet vacuum and wiping of the floor is the last step in the end to complete the process of floor deep cleaning. Wet Vacuums are used to dry up the floors.
office cleaning service

4 reasons to engage a professional home cleaning services firm

  • The firm does everything on your behalf:

    Whether it is regular or deep cleaning services you want, you only need to issue instructions. Then that task is taken off your hands – as the firm handles all aspects of it on your behalf.

  • The work gets done in a much more thorough manner:

    That is because a professional cleaning firm will typically have personnel who have experience, and high power equipment to do cleaning work very thoroughly.

  • The work gets done faster:

    Again, the cleaning firm’s personnel, leveraging on their experience and equipment, can do the cleaning work at a very high speed. This is the case even for deep-cleaning services– knowing how slow deep cleaning can be if done by people who lack experience or equipment. A professional cleaning firm, therefore, ends up saving you time.

  • You stand to save money:

    This is money you would have spent buying your own cleaning materials, hiring local labor to help you with the cleaning task and perhaps renting the cleaning equipment. A professional cleaning firm makes all these things available to you as a package.

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