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Water Tank cleaning service

What We Offer

Water Tank Cleaning Services

What we offer: 

Man Power : 1-2 | Duration: According to the Water Tank

Per Seat : As per the water tank

Services we render in water tank cleaning service:

♦ High pressure water jet cleaning.

♦ Dispose the dirty water and sludge from the tank.

♦ SAnti bacterial agent spread to remove various bacteria.

Service Time: According to the tank


How AYS Max can help you?

Tanks are often overlooked and forgotten. Water Tank Cleaning Services in Mumbai would never want their children or family to drink water from these tanks. Many people believe that tanks need to be cleaned only when they are in poor condition. Tank cleaning is not a cure, but a preventative measure. It is important to clean tanks even when they are in good shape. This will ensure that tanks remain healthy and maintain their good condition.
AYS MAX Water Tank Cleaning Services, Mumbai uses the best methods to clean water tanks.
AYS MAX Water Tank Cleaning Services Mumbai has its own Research & Development Team that is constantly developing new methods in the field. Water Tank Cleaning Services Mumbai has a highly skilled and experienced team. Water Tank Cleaning Service Mumbai offers a safe and scientific way to disinfect and clean storage water tanks. It uses state-of the-art imported equipment as well as proprietary antibacterial agents. This is safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly. Water Tank Cleaning Mumbai provides faster tank cleaning for all tanks, even those that are most neglected. Water Tank Cleaning Service Mumbai is performed by professional and scientific cleaning.

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