Marble Crystallization, Diamond polish, Stain Resistant Treatment of Marbles

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Marble Crystallization, Diamond polish, Stain Resistant Treatment of Marbles.

What We Offer

Crystallization Marble Treatment

Prices According to Area

Rs. 65/- per sqft. only.

What we offer: 
  • High gloss: Mirror finish marble treatment
  • Anti Stain: No water marks and dirty stains over colour
  • Anti Slip: Slip resistant marble treatment
  • Impurities Free: High grade service standards
  • Scratch Free: Shiny marble
  • Beautiful Marble: Longer life and protected.
  • Environment friendly process: No harmful substance used.
  • Durability: Increases durability


Marble Diamond Polish

Prices According to Area

Rs. 45/- per sqft. only.

What we offer: 
  • Excellent result even client residing.
  • No water marks and dirty stains over colour and furniture.
  • No noise during work.
  • It removes scratches from the marble.
  • High working speed.
  • High gloss marble floor.
  • Anti-slip property.


Stain Resistant Treatment

Prices According to Area.

Rs. 25/- per sqft. only.

What we offer: 
  • No film formation over marbles, we use penetrating sealers
  • Marbles breathability remains natural
  • No effect of hard water
  • Protects from most of food stains like tea , coffee, edible oil etc.
  • Easy cleaning
  • No colour change
  • It seals micro porosity of the polish surface


Marble Water Repellent and Concrete Polishing

What We Offer

Marble Water Repellent Treatment

Price According to Area

affordable marble water repellent treatment

What we offer: 

What water repellent treatment serve:

  • Penetrates inside the Stone
  • Seals Stone porosity
  • Gives water repaillancy property
  • No fungus and algae effect after coating
  • Protect stone from hard water


Concrete Polishing and Treatment

Price According to Area

Affordable concrete polishing and treatment

What we offer: 

Diamond Polish

6 to 12 steps of actual grinding. Requires time with proper accuracy.

Hybrid Polish

Physical refinement of concrete slab. Processed through 3 steps of grinding. Non slippery with topical shine.

Grid and Seal Polish

The process involves grinding the concrete with engineered concrete floor surface grinders to remove any contaminants from the existing slab.


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Understanding how polishing, marble treatment services, and concrete polishing treatment work?

The first step is usually that of identifying a firm – like AYSMAX – that specializes in Marble Crystallization, Diamond polish, Stain Resistant Treatment of Marbles.

In the second step, you get a quote from the firm, for the provision of the Marble Polishing or Concreate floor treatment. The quoted amount will typically depend on the size of the floor that requires the particular floor treatment, and it may require a visit to see the condition of the floor. It may also depend on the specific type of floor treatment services you need. That is where, for instance, a quote for floor crystallization treatment or other floor services would be different from a quote for regular floor treatment services…

The next step is one where you issue instructions, to the floor treatment firm, on where, when, and how you want the flooring to be done.

Thereafter, personnel from the flooring firm will visit the home, at the appointed time, and do the work as per your instructions.

All that remains is for you to check and ascertain that the work is done in a satisfactory manner.

4 reasons to engage a professional home cleaning services firm

  • The firm does everything on your behalf:

    Whether it is regular or special floor treatment services you want, you only need to issue instructions. Then that task is taken off your hands – as the firm handles all aspects of it on your behalf.

  • The work gets done in a much more thorough manner:

    That is because a professional floor treatment firm will typically have personnel who have experience, and high power equipment to do cleaning work very thoroughly.

  • The work gets done faster:

    Again, the cleaning firm’s personnel, leveraging on their experience and equipment, can do the flooring work at a systematic process. A professional floor treatment firm, therefore, ends up saving you time.

  • You stand to save money:

    The quotations for the marble treatment are affordable and are set according to customer. It is meant to provide total value for money.

that specializes in Marble Crystallization, Diamond polish, Stain Resistant Treatment of Marbles.

floor crystallization process

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Marble floor crystallization can lead to extreme damages and losses if not done properly. We know you have many choices when you consider hiring a service agency. We are well experienced and We will not let you down. Our marble and concrete floor treatment services are one of the best in the town.

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