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Sofa deep cleaning is a professional job

Recent studies indicate that couches and sofas are the most common breeding ground for any kind of germs. Sofa cleaning services take paramount importance among the many deep home cleaning services you need to look for.
Sofas or other furniture is the major surface area for the germs to reside in and that is also why cleaning them is vital. Sofa cleaning services from AYS max can easily ensure that your sofa is not just clean but is also void of harmful bacteria and allergens. Of course, sofa cleaning services will also ensure that your furniture remains intact and in the brightest and prime condition for a very long time.

Why do you need professional Sofa cleaning services?

Sofas or any kind of furniture can easily pull in various allergens and harmful airborne bacteria onto them. In fact, staphylococcus is very common bacteria found mostly on sofas and couches and can cause stomach upset, pneumonia, etc. And there are of course molds and other allergens which can be equally upsetting to your health. With neglected dust, the furniture also loses its sheen and shine and in some cases can even be very unpleasant to be near them.

This scary situation can be easily avoided by hiring a professional sofa cleaning service or home sanitation services that include sofa cleaning as well. With sofa cleaning services, you get,

  • Removal of allergens, pollen, dander, and even pet hair.
  • Removal of all kinds of germs and bacteria and ensuring that they don’t return.
  • Ensuring a longer lifetime for your furniture with no more damaging germs on it.
  • Pleasant and prime condition to the furniture and the upholstery.
  • The entire room with the sofa takes on a beautiful outlook.


Studies show that professional sofa cleaning services can remove as much as 70% of bacteria that is airborne and nearly 80% of bacteria on the surface in any given room.

Why AYS max is your best cleaning partner?

Cleaning your sofa needs you to hire professionals who have the technical know-how and the right equipment. This is why sofa cleaning services from AYS max ensure you have the furniture intact in its prime condition and devoid of harmful bacteria.

  1. Following a structured approach, sofa cleaning services of AYS max start off with inspecting your furniture for any possible damage or tear.
  2. Once the same is identified and fixed, the upholstery is first vacuumed, rinsed, conditioned, and also vacuum dried.
  3. The steam cleaning method is also employed, to ensure absolute cleanliness to your upholstery and furniture.
  4. Better equipment and the right solution for the different furniture you have to ensure the furniture is intact while it is also absolutely cleaned.


If you have pets or kids at home and you are occupied with your work then you may not have the time to spend on cleaning your furniture. Of course, the professional sofa cleaning services will help in saving you time while also ensuring the absolute cleanliness of your furniture. As much as cleaning your carpet and air ducts is important, it is important to employ sofa cleaning services to remove allergens, grime, dust, and dirt. This will help to improve the quality of the air you breathe. And if you search for “sofa cleaning services near me” then your ultimate destination is AYS max.

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