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Office cleaning services: Mohali

Everyone needs a clean office. Clean offices provide a favourable environment to the staff and a disease-free and healthy environment. In addition, clean offices generate positive energy and help in the concentration of mind towards work.

Many office cleaning service providers are rendering their services in Mohali, but AYS Max office cleaning services are among the best services in the market.

Office Deep Cleaning Prices Mohali, Punjab

What we offer: 

Man Power :  According to the area

Per SqFt : Rs8*/-

*18% GST will be applicable on total service charges.

Process Followed for Office Cleaning

♦ Start by doing a high dusting or all vents and light fixtures.

♦ Vacuum all blinds, windows, tracks, etc.

♦ Dust all walls and clean all light switches.

♦ Clean all Doors & knobs.

♦ Dust all baseboards.

♦ Carpets / scrub all floors.

♦ Clean and sanitize all computer keyboards and screens.

♦ Clean all kitchen cabinets, appliances, refrigerator, etc.

♦ Clean all restroom walls, toilets, urinals, sinks.

♦ Sofa cleaning

Why is AYS Max one of the best services providers in Mohali?

AYS Max is well equipped and experienced service provider. The professionals are well trained. AYS Max covers more cleaning areas when compared with other service providers. Great value of money is being provided by AYS Max

    • Areas covered in AYS Max office cleaning services:


  • Complete floor cleaning with a single disc machine and certified chemicals.
  • Polishing of marble flooring.
  • Furniture and workstation cleaning.
  • Wardrobes inside and outside cleaning.
  • All electrical fitting cleaning.
  • Window cleaning from inside and outside. (outside cleaning only when it supports space for professionals)
  • All doors and touchable points cleaning.
  • Lift area and surrounding touchable points cleaning.
  • Stairs cleaning with a single disc machine or hand disc machine.
  • Outside tiles cleaning with the machine.
  • Sofa shampoo wash with hand scrubbing machine.
  • All washrooms deep cleaning with certified chemicals.
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Packages and time-taken for cleaning service:

After supervising the site, time estimations are calculated. On special requests, AYS can manage the timeline and enhance the manpower. The duration of the time and the manpower for the site depends on the area and amount of work.

When is it required to take a professional office cleaning service?

According to the experts, deep cleaning of an office is required in every two to three months. But it depends on the usage of the office. For example, if the office is huge and the staff is over 100, it will require deep cleaning every one to two months.

Why is it necessary to take a professional cleaning service?

  • Cleaning, which is done daily, is not done with chemicals. Also, professional tools are not used daily.
  • The cleaning staff cannot clean every part of the office. It requires cleaning time, so the cleaning staff can only do the mopping and dusting.
  • The cleaning staff rarely does windows. Electrical fittings and washrooms are not done by the cleaning team with professional tools daily.
  • Even sofas are not cleaned at regular intervals. Deep cleaning services help the office to maintain the floors, sofas and many other things.
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How to find out about a good office deep cleaning service agency?

Check out the reviews online: reviews are essential for a service. Confidence is build by Good Reviews. AYS always recommend to check the reviews.

Check out the Areas covered in the cleaning services:

  • Areas covered in the office deep cleaning service and compare them with other service providers.
  • Match the tools they are providing in the cleaning service.
  • Compare the prices between other service providers
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