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AYS Office deep cleaning Hinjewadi , Pune

A Professional Office Deep Cleaning

Office deep cleaning Hinjewadi , Pune

Everyone needs a clean office. Clean offices provide a favorable environment to the staff and a disease-free and healthy environment. In addition, clean offices generate positive energy and help in the concentration of mind towards work.

Many office cleaning service providers are rendering their services in Hinjewadi, but AYS Max office cleaning services are among the best services in the market.

Why is AYS Max one of the best services providers in Baner, Pune?

AYS Max is well equipped and experienced service provider. The professionals are well trained, and AYS Max covers more areas than other service providers. As a result, AYS provides more value for money than other service providers.

        • Areas covered in AYS Max office cleaning services: Office deep cleaning Hinjewadi


  • Complete floor cleaning with a single disc machine and certified chemicals.
  • Polishing of marble flooring.
  • Furniture and workstation cleaning.
  • Wardrobes inside and outside cleaning.
  • All electrical fitting cleaning.
  • Window cleaning from inside and outside. (outside cleaning only when it supports space for professionals)
  • All doors and touchable points cleaning.
  • Lift area and surrounding touchable points cleaning.
  • Stairs cleaning with a single disc machine or hand disc machine.
  • Outside tiles cleaning with the machine.
  • Sofa shampoo wash with hand scrubbing machine.
  • All washrooms deep cleaning with certified chemicals.
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Packages and time-taken for cleaning service:

Customized packages are made, and time is given for cleaning according to the customer’s requirement. Only after supervising the client’s site can the professionals leave the site. The duration of the time and the manpower for the site depends on the area and amount of work.

When is it required to take a professional Office deep cleaning Hinjewadi?

According to the experts, deep cleaning of an office is required in every two to three months. But it depends on the usage of the office. For example, if the office is huge and the staff is over 100, it will require deep cleaning every one to two months.

Why is it necessary to take a professional cleaning service?

  • Cleaning, which is done daily, is not done with chemicals. Also, professional tools are not used daily.
  • The cleaning staff cannot clean every part of the office. It requires cleaning time, so the cleaning staff can only do the mopping and dusting.
  • The cleaning staff rarely does windows. Electrical fittings and washrooms are not done by the cleaning team with professional tools daily.
  • Even sofas are not cleaned at regular intervals. Deep cleaning services help the office to maintain the floors, sofas and many other things.
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How to find out about a good office deep cleaning service agency?

Check out the reviews online: reviews are essential for a service. Good reviews can build confidence in the company. We always recommend checking the reviews.

Check out the Areas covered in the cleaning services:

  • Areas covered in the office deep cleaning service and compare them with other service providers.
  • Match the tools they are providing in the cleaning service.
  • Check out the prices they give the service and compare them with other providers.

Even if you are trying our services for the first time, everything comes within the same package. Our prices are the same no matter how far the site is or if you have taken the services for the first time.

Time taken for deep cleaning depends on the size of the house. But we try to finish it in 6-7 hours. For example, for a two BHK (800sqft approx.) takes the workforce of 2 to deep clean the house in 6-7 hours. And for a three BHK (1100sqft) it takes the workforce of 3-4 to finish the cleaning job in 6-7 hours.

Time taken for deep cleaning depends on the size of the office and the type of services taken. But we try to finish it in 6-7 hours but sometimes it could take many days. For example, If the office is around 1200sqft approx., It will take around 5-6 professionals and 6-7 hours for deep cleaning. But If the services includes services like floor scrubbing, crystallization, mirroring etc. It will take more time as these services undergoes through different processes. The process for these services take its time. Similarly, The more the area the more workforce or time it will take. Also, it depends on the client easiness and requirements. If the client want the services during off hours, we can arrange accordingly.

We suggest you to be at the site during cleaning processes. It helps the professionals in guiding the site cleanliness. We have handled many sites where the person who is taking care of the site can’t manage to be present on the site because of work. But faced no problem because of absence of the caretaker.

We have tried to cover it all in a single package. For home cleaning, Furniture deep cleaning, microwave deep cleaning from inside, Fridge deep cleaning from inside, oven deep cleaning from inside and carpets large carpets are not included in the package. Everything is well explained in the package which is shared in the quotation before finalization of work. In-spite of the packages, AYS offers customized packages in case if you want deep cleaning only for a certain area.

We always suggest our client to be present on the site or arrange a supervisor who can guide and check the cleaning in case our professionals need any. AYS Professionals have managed many sites where the caretaker is absent during the cleaning process. According to our policy, our professionals can not leave the site without customer’s consent. It is because we offer client to check and review the cleaning done. Only after the customer’s consent our professional can leave the site.

According to the requirement, we manage our professionals and equipment to clean the site. So, the size of the site doesn’t matter.

Lasting effects: Professional deep cleaning is done by industry standards A grade chemicals and specialized tools. The cleaning chemicals will last its effect for two to three months if it is well taken care.

Maintain Hygiene: After deep cleaning, the house is well hygiene as the chemicals used in cleaning kills the germs and bacteria. The chemicals are environment friendly and safe for pets. Our professionals inform necessary knowledge to the clients about the chemicals.

Well trained professionals: AYS put its efforts and hours in the training of the professionals. Being an inhouse team, AYS professionals give the desired results within the duration.

Flexibility: The packages offered are flexible in terms of cleaning. Clients can customize the packages according to the requirements which gives the customer an upper hand when it comes to clean different sections of home.

  • Remove all the expensive items from the cabinets.


  • Remove all the utensils from the kitchen.


  • Clear your wardrobes.


AYS professionals are inhouse professionals. All the employees are verified and can be trusted. We also send a supervisor on the site with the team. Also, our manager will always be in contact with the client throughout the cleaning process. After the completion of the cleaning, the manager will ask to check the site properly and to mark the points where he feels the cleaning is missing. The professionals can not leave the site before the client’s consent. Before leaving the site, AYS Professionals will also show their baggage from inside before leaving the site.

AYS believe in customer satisfaction. If a portion is left by mistake or due to some reason, professionals will visit the site again to complete the remaining cleaning.

Yes, you can customize the cleaning requirements. The package is made according to the requirements of the customer. For example, you want only one hall, one room and washrooms to be cleaned. Or you want only balconies and the windows to be cleaned. It can be customized according to the requirements.

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