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Carpet Cleaning in Nariman Point

Carpet cleaning services

Professional carpet cleaning service in Nariman Point

Carpets bring luxury and style to any room. Carpets add a personal touch to a space with their vibrant colors and unique textures. Carpets can store a lot of dust and become a breeding ground for germs and dust mites if they are not regularly cleaned. Regular vacuuming will not be enough to clean your carpets. Your carpets need to be cleaned from time to time. Carpet cleaners are trained to use the correct chemicals for each type of carpet and clean it thoroughly. You will need to hire a Mumbai carpet cleaning company for deep carpet cleaning.

AYS Max carpet cleaning team is well equipped and experienced. Proficiency in both residential carpet cleaning and commercial spaces carpet cleaning, team is available to work at the convenience of client. For the convenience of the offices, we are available in the night shifts without affecting the office work.

How we clean and equipment used in cleaning

The process:

We use single disc machine and hand disc machine to scrub the carpet. The pads used in cleaning are from 3m company which are renowned for manufacturing industry standard pads used in every institution.

The chemicals:

Chemicals used in carpet cleaning are from Diversey, which is one of the topmost brands in manufacturing world standard products in cleaning.

With the sole motto of customer satisfaction, our services offer quality and affordability.

Benefits of carpet shampoo cleaning:

Benefits of carpet shampoo cleaning:

  • Increases life of carpet
  • Clean carpets leave an impact
  • Cure from diseases and bacteria
  • Clean carpet provides healthy environment
  • Kills small insects inside the carpet

Types of carpet cleaning services:

Types of carpet cleaning services:

  • Carpet cleaning shampoo scrubbing
  • Wall to Wall carpet cleaning
  • Commercial spaces carpet cleaning
  • Dry carpet cleaning for residential and office spaces.

Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Healthy Environment:

Carpets that are not cleaned regularly can lead to the growth of bacteria and allergens, which can be harmful and cause many illnesses and diseases. Carpets can also hold a lot of dust, making them very unhealthy. A professional carpet cleaning service will remove all these elements and help you live a healthy life.
A clean home is a beautiful place. Professional cleaning services will remove all carpets’ stains, crumbs, and hair.

Removal of termites and odors:

Professional carpet cleaning can remove termites and dust mites from your carpet’s surface. Your carpet may develop a foul odor if it is not cleaned regularly. Professional carpet cleaning can remove this smell.

We provide carpet cleaning services to all the institutions like:

Types of carpet cleaning services:

  • All kinds of educational spaces
  • All kinds of commercial spaces
  • Residential spaces
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Corporates
  • Industries etc.

Even if you are trying our services for the first time, everything comes within the same package. Our prices are the same no matter how far the site is or if you have taken the services for the first time.

For carpet cleaning it depends on the size of the carpet. Carpet cleaning is divided into three processes.

  1. Dry vacuum cleaning
  2. Shampooing and scrubbing
  3. Wet vacuuming and cleaning of dirt.

For example, for a 1000sqft area of carpet cleaning, it will take 1hour in the first process, shampooing and scrubbing will take 2-3hours with wet vacuuming, which will suck out the dirty water from the carpet.
Time taken for deep cleaning depends on the size of the house. But we try to finish it in 6-7 hours. For example, for a two BHK (800sqft approx.) takes the workforce of 2 to deep clean the house in 6-7 hours. And for a three BHK (1100sqft) it takes the workforce of 3-4 to finish the cleaning job in 6-7 hours.


We suggest you to be at the site during cleaning processes. It helps the professionals in guiding the site cleanliness. We have handled many sites where the person who is taking care of the site can’t manage to be present on the site because of work. But faced no problem because of absence of the caretaker.

The package is decided according to the size of the carpet. It also depends on the level of cleaning required for the carpet. The prices set are very economical and affordable. Once the deal is set, it will include everything related to carpet cleaning. Customer needs to inform AYS Max If the customer want to include other things with carpet.

We always suggest our client to be present on the site or arrange a supervisor who can guide and check the cleaning in case our professionals need any. AYS Professionals have managed many sites where the caretaker is absent during the cleaning process. According to our policy, our professionals can not leave the site without customer’s consent. It is because we offer client to check and review the cleaning done. Only after the customer’s consent our professional can leave the site.

According to the requirement, we manage our professionals and equipment to clean the site. So, the size of the site doesn’t matter.

Lasting effects: Professional deep cleaning is done by industry standards A grade chemicals and specialized tools. The cleaning chemicals will last its effect for two to three months if it is well taken care.

Maintain Hygiene: After deep cleaning, the house is well hygiene as the chemicals used in cleaning kills the germs and bacteria. The chemicals are environment friendly and safe for pets. Our professionals inform necessary knowledge to the clients about the chemicals.

Well trained professionals: AYS put its efforts and hours in the training of the professionals. Being an inhouse team, AYS professionals give the desired results within the duration.

Flexibility: The packages offered are flexible in terms of cleaning. Clients can customize the packages according to the requirements which gives the customer an upper hand when it comes to clean different sections of home.

Time for the services: Working of the office should not be disturbed and that is why We are flexible in our service timings. If the work is required in the late hours, We are ready for it.

Proper instructions to follow: The customer need to provide necessary instructions before the work.

Additional work: All the additional work needs to be discussed before the work. It can be sorted out on mutual understanding basis.

Electricity: Electricity is required for the service. We need to be informed if the electricity is an issue on the site.

Water: Water is another basic requirement for the service. It is to be informed if the site doesn't have water supply.

Power Point: Nearby power points are required for the service. Machines and equipment require electricity.

AYS professionals are inhouse professionals. All the employees are verified and can be trusted. We also send a supervisor on the site with the team. Also, our manager will always be in contact with the client throughout the cleaning process. After the completion of the cleaning, the manager will ask to check the site properly and to mark the points where he feels the cleaning is missing. The professionals can not leave the site before the client’s consent. Before leaving the site, AYS Professionals will also show their baggage from inside before leaving the site.

AYS believe in customer satisfaction. If a portion is left by mistake or due to some reason, professionals will visit the site again to complete the remaining cleaning.

Yes, you can customize the cleaning requirements. The package is made according to the requirements of the customer. For example, you want only one hall, one room carpet to be cleaned. It can be customized according to the requirements.