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Do not be fooled – Deep Cleaning Services.

Do not be fooled in the name of Deep Cleaning Services.

In the name of deep cleaning services, you may find many companies. But very few of the agencies provide a deep cleaning service.

People in Mumbai are busy. So, they don’t have time to give a deep clean to home or office. As a result, People hire deep cleaning agencies to do the cleaning job.

But, in the name of deep cleaning services, agencies are just making money. Beware the local agencies who don’t use professional tools, unskilled or semi-skilled professionals. In place of easing the work, cleaning becomes a headache to handle.

Follow these steps if you do not want cleaning services to be a headache:

Here are the points:

  • First, explain it all: Give a brief explanation of all the work to be done so that the cleaning agency can give you the best estimates and proper workforce to work.
  • Second, take everything in writing: Every cleaning agency promises to deliver ‘n’ number of things. Every person booking an agency should take all the promises in writing. At the time of delivery, countercheck the list provided so that you don’t miss anything.
  • Compare the quotes: Take different quotes from different agencies. See the difference in their approach of dealing, the work they are providing, and the prices. This process may take time but eventually will benefit in the end.
  • Check the tools: Check all the tools provided by the deep cleaning service provider. Also, keep checking that the professionals use the tools at regular intervals.
  • Demand a supervisor: Demand a supervisor on the site who will handle the team. It is better to talk to one person for the cleaning purpose.
  • Keep in touch with the manager: It is good to be in touch with a senior person throughout the job. Manager over the phone will provide a sense of security and peace of mind.
  • Check for the chemicals used:The chemicals used by a professional deep cleaning agency will be certified A-Grade chemicals built as-per Indian standards of deep cleaning services.
  • Recheck the site: After finishing the work, the supervisor should recheck the site twice with the client. Rechecking a site is a regular practice of a professional deep cleaning service provider. The process is done so that nothing should be left undone.
  • The professional ID: Identity cards should be kept with the professionals.
  • Proper dress: Professionals should wear appropriate attire. A client can always ask for photographs or videos of the previous work done.

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Before hiring a professional deep cleaning agency, the steps above are necessary to check.
As a bonus, here is one more tip:

• Check previous feedback: Previous feedback of the clients can influence decisions. Feedback is meant to talk about the experience of the previous clients who hired the agency.