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Quality carpet cleaning service in your town

Carpet cleaning service at AYS Max is committed to providing the highest quality customer service. Our carpet cleaning services use the latest technology to deliver better results to our customers. This allows us to offer a high-quality service that is more efficient, and the technology helps us to provide services with greater capability. Carpet cleaning services by AYS Max are superior and more affordable.

AYS Max carpet cleaning team is well equipped and experienced. Proficiency in both residential carpet cleaning and commercial spaces carpet cleaning, team is available to work at the convenience of client. For the convenience of the offices, we are available in the night shifts without affecting the office work.

How we clean and equipment used in cleaning

The process:

We use single disc machine and hand disc machine to scrub the carpet. The pads used in cleaning are from 3m company which are renowned for manufacturing industry standard pads used in every institution.

The chemicals:

Chemicals used in carpet cleaning are from Diversey, which is one of the topmost brands in manufacturing world standard products in cleaning.

With the sole motto of customer satisfaction, our services offer quality and affordability.

Benefits of carpet shampoo cleaning:

Benefits of carpet shampoo cleaning:

  • Increases life of carpet
  • Clean carpets leave an impact
  • Cure from diseases and bacteria
  • Clean carpet provides healthy environment
  • Kills small insects inside the carpet

Types of carpet cleaning services:

Types of carpet cleaning services:

  • Carpet cleaning shampoo scrubbing
  • Wall to Wall carpet cleaning
  • Commercial spaces carpet cleaning
  • Dry carpet cleaning for residential and office spaces.

We provide carpet cleaning services to all the institutions like:

Types of carpet cleaning services:

  • All kinds of educational spaces
  • All kinds of commercial spaces
  • Residential spaces
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Corporates
  • Industries etc.